Andrea and Peter

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In one of her previous talks with her maid of honour, Andrea repeated the Latin phrase, "Per aspera ad astra", which means "a rough road leads to the stars". The maid of honour added how she believes the road they walk on is lined with people, who are there to walk with them.  These people, these amazingly close knit of family and friends, were there on this special day to witness their nuptials, dance with them and share incredibly sweet speeches of how much they mean to them and how much Andrea and Peter are meant for one another. Such. An. Emotional. Day.

Here is their Wedding Highlights!


Photographer: Gabe McClintock
MUA: Debbie Sioutis
Hairstylist: Sabrina Salemi
Florist: Mary, Anthi Floral 

Limo: Exotica Limousine Services
Venue 1: St. George's Greek Orthodox Church
Venue 2: Berkeley Church

Music by Music Bed: "Forever Starts Today" by Tim Halperin